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Communications Test and Measurement Partners

Communications Test and Measurement partners are industry-leading vendors that provide the capability to accurately monitor and analyze network performance to ensure precise timing and synchronization across communications networks.

Interoperability Members  
Anue Systems
The Anue Systems and Symmetricom partnership helps ensure the successful deployment of critical timing and synchronization services required by 4G/LTE networks. With its industry unique Anue 3500, Anue Systems helps Symmetricom and the SyncWorld ecosystem partners to prove interoperability and conformance of their next generation timing and synchronization solutions.


Calnex Solutions
Calnex and Symmetricom have worked closely together to provide and prove robust 1588v2 and SyncE solutions to customers. The companies have conducted extensive joint trials and deployments in labs and in carrier networks.

The testing that has been done broadly covers two areas – Interoperability and Performance. At Interoperability test events, such as those organized by EANTC (, the Symmetricom TimeProvider® 5000 Grandmaster was demonstrated using the Calnex Paragon to operate successfully with equipment from numerous different manufacturers. Interoperability is a key challenge for network operators, which the Symmetricom TimeProvider 5000 addresses successfully. For the performance tests, the Calnex Paragon-X platform was used to emulate real network stress conditions between the Symmetricom TimeProvider 5000 Grandmaster and the TimeProvider 500 slave clock and then measure the quality of the recovered clock. These performance tests showed that the Symmetricom equipment operated within the specified network limits even under demanding load conditions.

Chronos Technology
Chronos and Symmetricom have successfully used SyncWatch technology to demonstrate the effectiveness of 1588 technology to deliver fit for purpose synchronization and to provide operators with a long term monitoring solution that is independent of the sync delivery solution. Chronos has test data demonstrating the excellent performance of Symmetricom 1588 technology in test and operational networks.
EXFO and Symmetricom have collaborated closely to perform detailed testing that validates a wide range of synchronization technologies supplied through Symmetricom’s portfolio of network synchronization products, including the TimeProvider® 5000 Grandmaster. EXFO’s Syncwatch-110 is a highly versatile, all-in one solution, purposely-built for qualifying and monitoring next-generation backhaul networks that use Precision Time Protocol 1588v2 or SyncE technologies, as well as traditional TDM and frequency synchronization, covering the complete network lifecycle.
The quality of timing and synchronization directly impacts QoS for voice, video, and data services. Ixia’s timing protocol test solution was the first in the industry to evaluate the functionality, conformance, and performance of IEEE 1588v2 and Synchronous Ethernet implementations on telecommunication network equipment. As leading solution providers like Symmetricom and Ixia collaborate, network operators will benefit from more comprehensive, integrated, and simplified timing and synchronization solutions.
JDSU is proud to collaborate closely with Symmetricom to ensure a successful deployment experience in scenarios that leverage PTP 1588 synchronization products by Symmetricom over packet networks. For example, JDSU’s T-BERD/MTS 6000A MSAM and T-BERD/MTS 5800 product lines are designed to enable field technicians to perform successful installation and maintenance of the PTP/1588 synchronization protocol in the packet-based network by interoperating with the Symmetricom TimeProvider® 5000 1588 Grandmaster.
Distributing timing and synchronization to base stations, accurately and reliably, is crucial to ensuring that mobile subscribers don't suffer from poor QoE or dropped calls. Spirent is a leading provider of Ethernet test solutions and offers a comprehensive mobile backhaul testing solution. Spirent's solutions validate packet timing protocols such as IEEE 1588v2 and SyncE SSM and test physical timing characteristics by generating and measuring impairments such as wander and PDV.

Spirent is pleased to collaborate with Symmetricom to help Service Providers and Network Equipment Manufacturers accelerate the deployment of Ethernet in the mobile backhaul. For a number of years, Spirent has promoted and resold Symmetricom XLI GPS receivers and will interoperate with Symmetricom's Time Provider 5000 GrandMaster.

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