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Small Cells Partners

Small Cells Partners develop elements such as semiconductors, oscillators, software, test equipment and systems required to deliver an integrated small cell solution.

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Alcatel-Lucent small cell solution uses the Symmetricom TimeProvider® 5000 to cost-effectively provide a high level of synchronization accuracy needed to deliver the best Quality of Experience on the small cells. Alcatel-Lucent, is leading the small cell market with over 39 small cells commercial deployments as of today.



Broadcom’s Broadband Carrier Access team develops a broad range of digital subscriber line (DSL), Powerline Communications, Small Cell, Ethernet Passive Optical Networking (EPON) and Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) silicon and software solutions. Broadcom enables carriers to deliver bundled broadband services such as high-speed Internet access, digital telephony, video teleconferencing, digital broadcast video and IP data business services, over existing copper telephone lines.

Broadcom’s small cell portfolio enables carriers to offload data and voice traffic, while offering subscribers better cell reception in the home and office and accelerating the introduction of new 'converged' mobile broadband services.




The OCTEON Fusion™ Family, the industry’s most powerful, small cell “Base Station-on-a-chip” processor product line is specifically designed for LTE & 3G multi-mode small cell base stations, including picocell and micro base stations. OCTEON Fusion processors combine the widely successful OCTEON® multi-core architecture along with purpose-built baseband DSP cores, extensive LTE/3G hardware accelerators and digital front end (DFE) features into a single chip, slashing the BOM cost and power envelope of small cell base stations. Cavium and Symmetricom have worked closely to integrate SCr/SCe NTP/PTP softclocks with Fusion.

Cavium recommends Symmetricom’s SCr/SCe NTP/ PTP and sGPS SoftClocks for small cells for the robustness and precision required in 3G and LTE deployments.


Contela has commercial experience of successful 3G/WCDMA small cell deployments by integrating the Symmetricom’s NTP Client software of packet-based synchronization solution into our small cell products. NTP Client software (SoftClocks) from Symmetricom has been used for the commercialization test of Contela’s 4G/LTE small cell access points, which provides reliable synchronization solution for our home, enterprise and public, outdoor small cells.

CS Corporation

CS Corporation is a leading provider for the small cell coverage for telecommunication carriers. Recently, CS Corporation commercialized the world’s first FDD LTE Femtocell. This will be launched after completing the Lab and the field test in September 2012. The LTE Femtocell developed by CS Corporation fully supports MIMO and VoLTE and it includes 32 user enterprise version and 8 user home version. CS Corporations femtocell portfolio was shown to be capable of maintaining precise and constant synchronization using Symmetricom's SoftClock client software.


Freescale’s QorIQ Qonverge base station SoCs deliver a comprehensive portfolio of baseband processors for products ranging from residential femtocells to high capacity macrocells. The QorIQ Qonverge SoCs support multimode operation with baseband accelerators for LTE and WCDMA, highly integrated peripherals to reduce system cost, and a common architecture to reduce development cost across the portfolio. Freescale and Symmetricom have integrated Symmetricom’s SCr/SCe precise timing software (NTP/PTP) to expand the opportunities for deploying small cells while still meeting the strict requirements for timing and frequency accuracy.


Mindspeed, the industry leader in technology for small cell chips, has worked with the company setting the industry standard for precise time synchronization, Symmetricom to include precision timing and GPS functionality to its small cell system-on-chip (SoC) products.

By integrating Symmeticom's Precision Timing Protocol (PTP) and Network Time Protocol (NTP) into the Transcede devices, Mindspeed cuts customers' costs and simplifies development, as external components are no longer needed and the functionality is directly supported as part of Mindspeed's small cell reference design.


Node-H and Symmetricom have collaborated to deliver a fully integrated timing solution for residential and enterprise 3GPP compliant HSPA+ small cells. The Symmetricom timing solution is pre-integrated and jointly tested to work with the Node-H HSPA+ system software. The software is available for the reference hardware solutions of leading Small Cell SoC vendors, and can be adapted to specific customer platforms. The fully integrated Node-H HSPA+ solution is licensed to multiple joint customers and is deployed at a major network operator both for residential and enterprise use.

Node-H recommends Symmetricom’s small cell timing solution for its Node-H HSPA+ fully integrated small cell software for enterprise and residential use. The integrated solution has been tested and deployed at multiple operators.

Pletronics has come together to offer a TCVCXO series for Residential and Enterprise Small Cells. The Pletronics TCD4 series has been extensively tested and are qualified to be used with the Symmetricom SCr/SCe software for Network Time Protocol (NTP) and Precision Time Protocol (PTP). The partnership between Pletronics and Symmetricom will offer a choice in frequency control products.
Qualcomm Atheros
Qualcomm Atheros and Symmetricom collaborate on packet timing solutions for small cells including NTP and 1588 based synchronization. Symmetricomm’s SoftClock software is optimized and extensively tested on Qualcomm’s FSM small cell solution. This enables us to deliver a robust and precise timing solution that significantly reduces the time and investment for our customers.

Qucell Inc(Qucell) and Symmetricom have collaborated to deliver a fully integrated timing solution for residential and enterprise 3GPP compliant LTE small cells soutions. The Symmetricom SCr/SCe solution is jointly tested to work with the Qucell Q1016 LTE small cells Access Point product for current KT commercial network.


Symmetricom and Rakon built a strategic partnership to provide a timing and synchronisation solution for residential and enterprise small cells. The solution comprises software from Symmetricom (SCr for residential and SCe for enterprise) that is embedded in all major baseband processors and a Rakon oscillator. The Symmetricom software has been optimised to provide the best performance with Rakon oscillators using Pluto and RTX-A TCXOs, Mercury IC based OCXOs and conventional OCXOs depending on the small cell class; wireless technology; indoor /outdoor use; NTP or PTP etc. This proven combined solution enables network equipment manufacturers and original design manufacturers to complete their small cell designs with lower risk and faster time to market.

SK Telesys

As the Wireless system manufacturer in SK Group Korea, SK telesys is specialized in 4G small cell infrastructures and devices for both indoor and outdoor. SK telesys’ world first developed and commercialized LTE Femtocell solution shows SK’s outstanding technologies and market leading capabilities. Starting with the development completion of Public Femtocell in 2011, SK telesys keeps up developing various types advanced Femtocells to fulfill the market requirements.

SK telesys and Symmetricom have performed detailed interoperability testing to validate LTE Femtocell deployment scenarios over packet networks leveraging NTP synchronization mechanisms.

Using SKtelesys’ LTE Public Femto powered by Symmetricom’s NTP solution, service providers can meet synchronization and timing requirement to support LTE Femto network deployments.

Vectron International

Vectron has supported Symmetricom’s leading edge platforms for 15 years. The VT-803 is the latest Vectron product offering to be qualified with Symmetricom SCr/SCe soft clock precision timing solutions. Vectron’s TCXO product offerings combines the high performance and cost effectiveness demanded by synchronization solutions for residential and enterprise small cells.


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