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Power Utility Partners

The Smart Grid has brought about power technology advancements that fundamentally change substation operations. Power equipment and their data networks are shifting from simple, reactive control and reporting to proactive, real-time management and operations control. Thus, advanced synchronization and timing are now more critical than ever, enabling power equipment to operate more efficiently and closer to its operational limits. For example, one microsecond accuracy is required by the phasor measurement unit (PMU) for real-time network situational awareness and overall operational efficiency. Without accurate time stamps, PMU data has limited value. For power utility companies, that translates into enhanced network utilization rates as well as smarter management and mixing of renewable and traditional power sources.

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Belden - GarrettCom

The Magnum 10KT Industrial Switch provides rack-mount space efficiency and up to 36 configurable ports for heavy duty industrial applications where maximum fiber port count and diversity are required. New advanced thermal design techniques enable the 10KT to deliver high reliability and configurability even at extended operating temperatures. Special optional rack-mount cooling features include Thermal Fins for extra heat dissipation and internal heat transfer techniques that use the case as a heat sink. Cooler operation of internal electronic components leads to longer life-time and increased reliability. The Magnum 10KT features advanced 1588v2 timing features and has demonstrated interoperability with Symmetricom’s SyncServer Smart Grid Clock SGC-1500. Belden recommends using a quality master timing device, such as Symmetricom's SyncServer Smart Grid Clock SGC-1500, to complete your Smart Grid automation system.

Burns & McDonnell

Burns & McDonnell is partnering with Symmetricom in the specification, testing, and deployment of an integrated utility timing solution that spans the control center, the communications network, and the substation. Modernizing the power system through the use of intelligent end devices in the field and at the substation allow the utility to better understand the real time state of the grid and provide better service to their customers. Using Symmetricomm’s SyncServer SGC-1500 Smart Grid Clock and the, TimeProvider 5000 1588 Grandmaster engineers at Burns & McDonnell have integrated these devices into the Smart Grid Lab where they are testing the functionality, performance, and interoperability of an integrated utility timing solution. The lab configured with a field area, substation, wide area, and control center network allow Burns & McDonnell to test all aspects of a PTP deployment and demonstrating its value.


Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking, is helping the energy industry modernize the electrical grid from generation to distribution to consumption - with highly secure, reliable and scalable communications solutions. Cisco Connected Grid switches CGS 2520 were extensively tested to interoperate with Symmetricom Smart Grid Clock SGC-1500. SyncWorld test cases include performance measurements to make sure IEEE 1588v2 Power Profile requirements are met. Symmetricom is a registered developer partner in Cisco's CDN program and is working with Cisco to provide solutions to the energy utility industry.
"Symmetricom is a member of the Cisco Developer Network (CDN) where we have been working together to ensure that our respective products are tested and certified for interoperability. We utilize Symmetricom's Power Profile products in our development and solutions labs. We look forward to continuing this collaboration to the benefit of our customers," said Malay Thaker, Product Manager, Connected Energy CDN Program, Cisco.


Kyland GPT Series IEC61850 & IEEE1588 industrial Ethernet switches including SICOM6028GPT/SICOM6424PT/SICOM3028GPT/SICOM3424PT, which are specifically designed for utility substations, together with Kyland PTC1000 PTP to IRIG-B Clock Converter have now become members of Symmetricom’s SyncWorld Ecosystem Program after an extensive test conducted by Symmetricom for the interoperability between Kyland IEEE1588 solutions and Symmetricom’s Grandmaster solution SyncServer SGC-1500. The success of the interoperability test actually introduces the utility market a certified PTP 1588 solution cooperated between these two leading vendors in the market.


Moxa’s line of PowerTrans PT-7728-PTP switches are designed to meet the demands of power substation automation systems (Following the IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 standards.) Through global interoperability testing and the new Syncworld testing power utilities are ensured a reliable and easy to configure 1588 connection using the winning combination of Moxa’s PT-7728-PTP and Symmetricom’s SGC-1500 Samrt Grid Clock.

RuggedCom, Inc. - A Siemens Company

The RuggedCom RSG2288 is a utility grade, fully managed, modular Gigabit Ethernet switch designed to operate reliably in electrically harsh and climatically demanding environments. The RSG2288 features an IEEE 1588 v2 transparent clock that has been extensively tested and proven to work the Symmetricom SGC-1500 Smart Grid Clock. Both of these devices are compliant with IEEE C37.238 Power Profile for utility networks to deliver highly accurate timing solutions for Smart Grid applications.


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